The life of a career criminal

It all started for me around the age 11. I was raised in a wealthy area known as Greenwood, Ar. Here I began noticeing the use of marijuana alot and it was from that point on I knew my worth. I’ve always known people who possessed large amounts of drugs but it’s like they could never seem to sell them quick enuff. So one day I decided I was going to do what I could to make my own fortune. I started with one ounce of marijuana and now years later it all ends with several pounds of methamphetamines.

After many trips to Arkansas prisons for the same thing over and over I’ve decided to give up my love of dealing drugs, however it wasn’t due to any prison term it all has to do with the people around me and people whom I would never thought would turn me in. People aren’t trust worthy now days, so when you think if they catch you think again cause it’s always going to be When they catch you. This is something that has been made so hard by the government that you can no longer deal without the consequences.. there are so many people out here now days that are informants or paid informants that there are no possible futures in this once organized bussiness.

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The Journey Begins

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